The battle for the Lefferts Blvd Bridge in the news:

July 18, 2018, Forest Hills Times: Kew Gardens Bridge To Be Repaired

July 18, 2018, Queens Gazette: Lefferts Blvd. Bridge Will Not Be Torn Down! 

July 13, 2018, Queens Chronicle: A Win for Kew Gardens, Small Biz

July 12, 2018, The New York Times: A Bridge, The Rickety Heart of Kew Gardens, Gets a Reprieve

July 11, 2018, Forest Hills Post: MTA Will Repair Lefferts Boulevard Bridge, LIRR President Says

July 11, 2018, MTA To Repair 90-Year-Old Lefferts Blvd. Bridge in Kew Gardens

June 21, 2018, Queens Chronicle: Koslowitz Secures Bridge Study Money

June 19, 2018, Forest Hills Post: LIRR President Expected To Announce Fate of Lefferts Blvd. Bridge Next Month

June 19, 2018, Times Ledger: Lefferts Blvd. Bridge Study Bill Passes in State Legislature

June 7, 2018, Queens Chronicle: More Optimism Than Ever That the Leffetrs Blvd. Bridge Will Live, Leaders Say

April 7, 2018, Times Ledger: Rosenthal, Comrie Introduce Bill to Rehabilitate Lefferts Blvd. Bridge

March 29, 2018, Queens Chronicle: Pols Push Bills to Save Lefferts Blvd. Bridge

March 28, 2018, Queens Lawmakers Seek to Rehabilitate Kew Gardens Aging Lefferts Boulevard Bridge

March 15, 2018, Queens Chronicle: Let's All Unite to Save the Lefferts Boulevard Bridge

February 23, 2018, The New York Times: A Troubled Bridge Over Kew Gardens

February 13, 2018, Forest Hills Times: Coalition Aims to Save Kew Gardens Businesses

November 16, 2017, Queens Chronicle: CB9 To MTA: Don's Tear Down The Bridge

November 2, 2017, Queens Chronicle: Kew Gardens Group Garner 5K Signatures

October 5, 2017, Queens Chronicle: Money For Kew Gardens Bridge Story Isn't There Yet

September 26, 2017 DNA Info: Business Owners Hope Upcoming MTA Study Will Help Save Kew Gardens Bridge

September 22, 2017 NY1: MTA To Conduct Study To See If Kew Gardens 'Bridge of Businesses' Can Be Saved

September 21, 2017 Queens Chronicle: MTA Wants Ideas to Save the Bridge

July 6, 2017 Queens Chronicle: A Happy Medium For KG Bridge Businesses?

July 7, 2017, DNA Info: Kew Gardens Store Loses Money, Customers, Due To Lack Of Power, Owners Say

July 3, 2017, DNA Info: Community Proposes Plan To Save Kew Gardens Bridge, Officials Say

July 3, 2017, CBS New York: Queens Business Owner Blames MTA, Management Company For Loss In Customers

June 30, 2017, DNA Info: Community Proposes Plan to Save Kew Gardens Bridge, Officials Say

June 13, 2017, DNA Info: Kew Gardens Kids To Voice Their Opinions At 'Save The Bridge' Art Workshop

June 5, 2017, NY1: Kew Gardens Shop Owners Continue Fight To Save Businesses

June 1, 2017, Queens Chronicle: Residents Back Bridge Businesses: New Coalition, Petition Started To Save Endangered Kew Gardens Stores

June 1, 2017, Forest Hills Post: MTA Considering Demolishing Lefferts Blvd. Bridge, Businesses Fight For Their Future 

May 31, 2017, DNA Info: Kew Gardens Community Vows To Fight For Stores on Lefferts Blvd. Bridge

May 25, 2017, Queens Chronicle: Kew Gardens Bridge Businesses Face A Murky Future

January 22, 2017, NY1: Merchants Still Fighting To Get Repairs On Stores Over LIRR Tracks

September 22, 206, NY1: Business Owners Say Landlord Negligent, Not Repairing Property Above LIRR Tracks

The battle to save the Lefferts Blvd. bridge is not new.  The New York Times covered the neglect of the bridge by MTA way back in 1993 in an article that ends: "The M.T.A. is a railroad company," he said. "They don't understand the significance of our Ponte Vecchio. They don't understand the importance to the neighborhood."